Fairy Queen- some songs from the forest

old meTeri music from long ago..still the same me  sharing songs recorded long ago on an old cassette player with a dear friend Billy McEwan. Memories …

washing dishes

the warmth of water on my hands

the cleaning soapsuds dripping down

the spray to play with on the pans

i hear you coming close behind me

your arms embrace as my pulse quickens

i know i’ve told you more than once

in that position I am sickened

the memories keep flooding back

of all the times that i’d been trapped

I only came to  wash the dishes

the warmth of water on my hands

is that so hard to understand??






The Idiot Box

plastic people on the tube

let me change that awful boob

then another garish face

orange sculpted matter

spewing cynicism -touting hate

i’m so pleased i can’t relate

still they wind up everywhere

in your office -on the air

please don’t say you do not care

stop the monsters, if you dare..


A Mother’s Lament

my heart is breaking for you
then again is it so bad?
i cannot go inside your mind
it’s not my place
and we are not so near
it is really only guessing.
My own life empty these days
on some I long for children’s voices
and tiny hands grasping mine
gone except as Grandma ..
and my role as mother
speaks the same lament
“how are you today?”

Christie Calls Obama A ‘Feckless Weakling,’ Internet Responds With A Brutal Reminder For Him

The Fifth Column

LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 15: Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks during the CNN Republican presidential debate on December 15, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


During CNN’s Republican debate, Chris Christie hoped to pull his dismal poll numbers out of the gutter by attacking President Obama. In typical Christie fashion, he did so in the most disgusting, unpresidential way possible. Thankfully, the internet is here to remind Christie that not only was his attack on Obama pathetic, but he’s also a raging hypocrite.

Christie – who currently polls within the statistical margin of error – suggested he would be a stronger president than Obama because he would be willing to start a world war by shooting down a Russian plane in Syria. For the Republican crowd, war-mongering stood in place of sound foreign policy. Taking things a step further…

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Wordless Wednesday

Glorious Northern Catskills

Glorious Northern Catskills

wordless wednesday find a way

always find a way

always find a way

summer’s end

my mind is truly lost 

in space

or some other vapid place

fractured colours shards of glass and i

the audience

sometimes smiling or

half a chuckle


Is anybody listening  ?

Time stopped

don’t leave me,even for just one minute

45 years and 5 seconds more

will never be enough

when there are no more minutes 

to see your face

must you go,really?

this is no time for fooling around

 like when we were in school

or at the protest in the park

we suffered change and pain

of war and sickness, even then you strayed

a rock to my pebble for there was no one bigger than you

I kissed you for the last time today

time stopped and gave us

not one minute more…

The Last Dance

Dear friend may i hold you now

i felt your body give way for two moments

I can support you so you don’t crumble

my fear is that this time you might.

What would be the greatest loss


there is no measure for love

like that

and ..

no one should have to chose.

Blessed Angels please come quickly

my dear friends need not suffer so

there are no arms strong enough for shelter

this i know…

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