Mom the Casino and Me

Yesterday was my 26th wedding Anniversary. A second marriage for us both which has proved to be the right one so far .  I love him dearly. He takes care of me in every sense of the word, and I am so grateful for all that he does.  Of course we have had issues, but have wethered through them and I know we are both into this for the long haul.  So much of what we have is our sameness of natures.  We have the same taste in music,views on politics and don’t often disagree on much.  One thing we both enjoy doing is going to the Casino.  We don’t ever bring alot of money and never get more if we lose. We bring just enough that we won’t end up “crying” if we lose it.  Yesterday we headed off to a Casino that’s run by the Oneida Tribe which is about two hours away.  It was a gorgeous day with blue skies, puffy cumulus clouds and lots of sun.  The Casino has a great buffet and was not too crowded.  

We arrived just around 2PM and that was the time of our ceremony 26 years ago. We laughed about that and renewed our vows as we walked through the door. Last year we had taken a dream trip Out West for our 25th and ended it in Las Vegas, also renewing our vows in front of the Mirage Casino. It was magical to be able to do it again.

You all know by now that I go by my sixth sense alot and I had brought along some stones and worn my “lucky” ring, which was my mom’s from high school. I had won once on a machine wearing it.  Of course I also have lost while wearing it, but I was optomistic and had a good feeling today. Anyone that gambles knows there are always ups and downs, and that’s pretty much how the day went for me.  Always frugal and cautious I stayed with $60.00 and the $15.00 free play I had received from the Casino.  I played, he played, we won, we lost.  But not totally.

After eating , it was 6pm and we decided to play just a little longer.  I had $14.00 left to gamble with.  We walked past a different entrance to the non-smoking section I liked and I saw some machines I hadn’t before called “Blazing 7’s”.  Something keyed me into them.  I played on some others first,going up and down,wins and losses. Then when I had $8.00 left this time, I found the Blazing 7’s machines. 

I tried each machine winning a little losing a little each time till I finally found my magic one.  Mom was with me, I knew it, and as I played I became a little more brave with my betting,  Mind you though, these are all penny machines anyhow, so I went up to a big forty cents.   I was down to $2.00 when I had just asked mom how I should play it and hit 60 cents by mistake. After a few bets  the machine went wild.  I looked up and saw that I had hit the Blazing 7’s jackpot and it read 20,000!  There was a man standing next to me smiling and saying “you hit it”  I must admit, I was confused and probably was sitting there with my mouth opened.  I said “20,000?”  He said “yea, pennies”. or of course $200.00.  It paid $201.00 exactly, since I only had 1 penny left of my own money. 

I grabbed my card to cash out and find my husband, lest he be in a “bad” place. I figured my win would have cheered him up. I saw him looking for me, and he had won $100.00 too.  What a lucky day all around.

I told him about Mom being there, and he believed.  Mom liked the slots, and was lucky, I know she made me lucky yesterday too.  She thought the world of my husband and had actually fixed us up, 30 years ago.

As always, thanks for the Anniversary gift Mom ♥



  1. Happy Anniversary 🙂
    What a gift from Mom 🙂

    • Thanks Eric, you always say the nicest things 🙂

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