why is being sensitive a bad thing?



Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences: “spiders are sensitive to vibrations on their web”.
A person who is believed to respond to occult influences.

susceptible – touchy – delicate – thin-skinned – tender


I have been told many times in my life and i am over 60 now, that i am “too sensitive”.and i still don’t really know what that means, so i looked it up, in the dictionary,online.  if you look above, you too can see the definitions. For one thing, i am like a spider, not my favorite creature to have some similarity too, but i do admire their webmaking,and i know i have spun some intricate ones myself over the years.I am also sensitive to other people’s emotions,and react to them.  The occult aspect has always been a curiosity as well, for i do have an attuned sixth sense. i wish i could harness it sometimes though, totally for selfish, monetary reasons. Of course the one about being “touchy”and “thin skinned” is what people are probably referring to. 

I cry at sad movies,stories in books, poems, beautiful music, my children performing, my grandchildren just being. Events,friends stories,art,and if i am in extreme physical pain. So does this make me “too Sensitive”, or just a human being?  some things we just can’t change anyhow, nor should we, at this stage of the game this is pretty much who i am.”warts and all” and now that i think of it, i really believe it’s a cop out for someone to get out of saying something critical, mean or hurtful to me and then I react . I also think i may start liking spiders now, we are more alike than i ever realized 🙂


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